25 TH


25 TH

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Bitcoin mining at 25 TH. The price is all inclusive: all fees, including maintenance, electricity, cooling, internet, rent, insurance, and the machines themselves are factored in, so there are no additional or "surprise" fees. A great way to get started with mining!

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*Please note that only our Whitelisted customers can purchase this with CC or PayPal. Any non-verified purchases will be refunded. 

Getting on our whitelist is easy! Just submit a short identity verification here and show us a photo ID. Assuming you are who you say you are, you will be on the whitelist in 1-3 days.
*Also note that this does not apply if you are purchasing in bitcoin.


  • Track your earnings: Detailed stats are offered that show real time mining performance as well as your expected and actual return. Your wallet address will be displayed here, so make sure to use a hot wallet.
  • Go to the Share Distribution page and look for your wallet address under the "Pending Payouts" section.
  • Refunds: Not what you were expecting? You're entitled to a refund up until the first BTC payout is sent on Monday. 
  • Downtime guarantee: We eat the cost of any downtime from internet or electricity.
  • Feeling lucky?  Instead of buying bitcoin outright, mining gives you the ability to make more on lucky weeks and contribute to the bitcoin network.
  • How it works: Straightforward: the total mining reward (including pending payouts) in a week is multiplied by the % of total mining speed purchased. 
  • 100% luck protection. Earn what you would expect to earn. 

Disclaimer: Read Before Purchasing

  • This is not a get rich quick scheme and we make no promise on your ability to turn a profit immediately. We generally advise to hold your bitcoin as it tends to appreciate over time.
  • We provide you with the tools to make an informed decision. Part of our mission is to get the word out there on bitcoin mining!
  • We pass the cost of producing bitcoin on to you, and we make our money both by self-mining and by taking a cut from our cloud mining contracts.
  • Buying from us allows us to reduce some of the variability that occurs with mining bitcoin and allows us to pay our overhead as well as purchase new machines.
  • The production of our bitcoin is verifiable by a third party mining poolkano.is. They charge 0.9% on each block. To view, make an account and go pool-->stats-->look for username "sugarwookie."
  • Expected bitcoin production at any speed can be checked by using any bitcoin mining calculator like this one.
  • Learn about our 100% luck protection, how luck works, difficulty and price basics here.

How does this work?

  • You will be prompted to provide a valid bitcoin wallet address you would like payment to be sent to. Double check that this is correct. Click here to learn about wallets.
  • Payouts are calculated in weekly batches with payouts on Mondays. Each monthly contract includes 4 payouts.
  • You will be sent a detailed earnings summary that shows how your payout is calculated as well as the entire mining performance. (It's displayed as your wallet address.)
  • You can view realtime stats and payout allocations as they come by going to the Share Distribution page
  • Luck changes over time. Just keep in mind some weeks will be better than others!

How do I know you're being honest?

  • Kano.is publicly displays their blocks, and earnings are based on how well the pool performs in the period.
  • The detailed report goes over how payouts are calculated and where all of the mining reward goes. 
  • Give us a try! We want you to be happy with your purchase. 
  • In addition, refunds are possible up to the first point of payout, but not after.

The Plattsburgh BTC rig

  • For current information, click here
  • Stable hashrate and uptime
  • Downtime is covered at our expense

Because of the nature of bitcoin, sales are final once first payout is sent. Please contact us with any questions.