Information about our 115 TH rig

  • At the moment, the Plattsburgh BTC rig runs at about 115 TH/s +/- 10%. We use 8 Antminer S3's, each operating around 450 GH/s, 7 Antminer S7's at about 4800-5200 GH each, and 6 Antminer S9's, each at about 13,000 GH.
  • The rig is located in Plattsburgh, NY, about an hour south of Montreal. 
  • Miners are kept in a cool environment, with the added benefit of being located in a pretty cold area. Air-conditioning is used through the summer. 
  • Regularly scheduled maintenance and remote surveillance so machines are always running optimally. 
  • Redundant internet connection through Charter Cable and Prime link (a local fiberoptic company). Everything is hardwired to reduce ping.
  • The municipal electric here in Plattsburgh offers cheap electric, in fact some of the cheapest in the US. Power outages are rare. Some of the power is provided by onsite hydroelectric dams, but I don't know the specifics on this.
  • I currently run two separate nodes to keep the network secure and to send distributions.

In the future

In 2017, we reached our electric capacity and it was necessary to either build out a new location find a bigger one. We were able to find one by partnering with Coin Citadel, and in the near future we plan to move into other cryptocurrencies, especially ETH. Over the summer of 2018 we plan on investing heavily on next-gen equipment as we settle into the new space.