A bitcoin book? More legitimate Plattsburgh BTC!

I recently discovered that I get a lot of joy out of writing, although it might not show here because I haven't updated in a bit, ha! 

I realized that after following and studying bitcoin, economics, monetary policy, blockchain tech and all of that for as long as I have I have a lot to say about it. So I decided I wanted to tell the story of bitcoin from my perspective, for what it is, what it isn't, and what it could be.

I think this is important now, especially since there is so much newly found interest in cryptocurrency and of course lots of misinformation. But this will probably be a long-term project, because I want to verify that I get things right. I'm sure going to try, and it will give me something to balance my time with medicine on breaks and downtime. If there is "downtime" in medicine...

Also, I should mentioned that I made a minor change to the share system. Basically, I brought it down to 4 tiers, all priced at the same exact rate to simplify things. They will go on for a month each, and payouts will continue to be on Mondays. 

Oh! and Plattsburgh BTC just got a lot more legitimate. We are now officially a LLC and have registered Plattsburgh BTC as a trademark. You wouldn't even think we are *temporarily* housed in a basement again. Yay!