Well Its been a little bit since I've updated here, I'm sorry about that. I have a few things I've been wanting to add on here. First, although this is somewhat old news by now, I changed from the "shares" system I started with in early January to straight GH, which works out the same but is much more intuitive. This just meant I needed to get a little better at tracking stats and reworking how I calculate things, but its been working really well the past month or so. Payouts are still done essentially the same way, being sent out weekly on Mondays.

I revamped the share distribution page a bit today. It was getting a little cluttered. Although much of that is the same, I also added in some quick stats on the buy page so that you can see how much available GH there are for the current week. The biggest addition is a new historical stats page that has links to all the past reports and some graphs depicting luck, earnings, price of BTC at payout, and % of GH sold per week. Over a longer term I hope this gives a little insight as to any trends in performance.

Also wanted to say that Eligius has got me a little worried. Their hashrate has actually recently decreased just as there were huge spikes in difficulty. Thankfully difficulty has been lowered some, but this still makes variance more of an issue. Lately payouts are taking much longer to come through, and there are larger swings in luck. While I like Eligius a lot, I'm starting to think it might be better to join a larger pool. In the meantime I'll stick it out and see what happens. 

I think thats about it for now, do let me know your thoughts on (possibly) switching pools!