Bitcoin accepted here! and expansion updates


It wouldn't make a whole lot of sense for Plattsburgh BTC not to accept bitcoin. I've gotten a few requests about this, and I'm happy to say that we can accept bitcoin now. Initially, I was afraid that doing so would go against bitlicense legislation, since the wording is kind of vague in some parts. However, interpretation seems to be that this would be fine. After finding this out, I've just been waiting for verification since that can take a little bit, and everything should be working smoothly now. And because of the lower transaction fees, prices are 1.5% less when you pay with bitcoin!

If your wondering, I decided to use Coinbase instead of Bitpay to process transactions. I really like their setup, and the checkout process seems to be really simple and straightforward. It gives a 15 minute window to pay to the address given, and once it's sent through it's instant. Just make sure that after the payment is processed you click "Return to Plattsburgh BTC," as this will allow you to input your mining pool details. 


I haven't commented on the expansion project in a little bit. Don't worry, it's still in progress, I've just hit a few snags along the way. Plattsburgh is a small town, and few people here have heard of bitcoin. Trying to explain how this works to local businesses I need to work with has been a bit of an uphill battle. And the owners of the space I'm looking to lease have unfortunately had a death in the family. Lastly, there's been some unexpected costs, so I've had to lower the initial expansion to about 10.35 TH for the time being.

But aside from this, some good news! Nearly all of the equipment has arrived safely and is ready to go. The shipping gods have (mostly) been good to me. The lease is just waiting for the family to review things. So at this point I'm just waiting to sign the lease and get everything set up. Hopefully soon!