Shared mining!

Hey all! Just wanted to write a short blurb about a slight change in direction here: Plattsburgh BTC is moving away from doing timed mining contracts. This is for a few different reasons, including that sometimes the pools would be sick and not function well, running the miners through a proxy reduces efficiency, and constantly switching pools causes lost time by having to warm up.

By mining through a single pool, at the moment Eligius, I've been able to optimize the mining rig. The performance has already seen about a 2.4% increase in hashing speed without the added proxy in between. As difficulty continues to rise, I wanted to take measures to increase returns for you guys.

So instead of pointing the miners to a pool you chose for X amount of time, earnings for the whole rig are averaged over a weekly "round" to reduce variance a little. Then, payouts are determined by the number of shares you own for the current round. 1 share=1 day of hashing at the rated 19.07 TH. I've also been able to make smaller shares available this way, the smallest being 0.125 shares, or 3 hours of shared mining.

I'm working on making the stats a little better for this. Once the orders are processed you can view how things are going as mining rewards are received by going to the share distribution link at the top. Rounds run from Monday-Sunday, with payouts sent out on Mondays.

This is kind of an experiment at the moment to see how things go. I'd love to hear your thoughts on this, so drop me a line and let me know what you think!