4 New Antminers! and Identity Check :/

Been a little bit since I've written here, finals were a bit intense but I graduated! So theres that, and I have some good news: Rig A has been upgraded from 3.55 TH to 8.15 TH. 4 more Antminer S5's are running now, bringing the total hashrate offering to 19.07 TH. Christmas came early!

So this is super exciting! We're getting closer to the goal of 25 TH. I hope you all enjoy.

Also wanted to thank all of my loyal customers for being amazing. I really value all of you, so I feel bad that I've had to make things a little more stringent, but I will try for this affect my current customers as little as possible.

Recently, fraudulent payments have been getting worse, and this has forced me to pen a more strict policy for first time customers. I've been doing some detective work to sniff these out as much as I can, but its become apparent to me that the best way to do this is to change my policy.

I'm lowering the limit for first time customer purchases to $40/mo. This also gives you a chance to give my services a test drive to see how the performance is (always excellent! :P). After 2 months or by submitting an identity verification, these limits will be lifted. This doesn't apply to current customers. 

I realize that these kinds of things can be intrusive, but I'm trying to make the process as painless as I can. It involves me mailing you a code and you taking a picture of an ID and a credit card you plan on using (covering up all but the last four numbers of course). I just need to verify that it's really you. 

I'll also send a 1 month 5% off coupon with the letter. And don't forget, the anonymity that comes with bitcoin is something I really believe in. Everyone is entitled to their privacy. I really don't want your personal information, but I feel this is the only way to make this safer for both Plattsburgh BTC to operate and for my current customers. Chargebacks keep the prices higher than I'd like them to be for contingency. If I can lower the amount of chargebacks I get, I can lower the prices. 

If you've got any thoughts on this please reach out! I'd love to hear.

I hope you all understand! And of course, this doesn't apply to paying in bitcoin. I hope to continue to grow with you all and make this service available in the future. Happy holidays!