Shared 1-Week Bitcoin Mining Contract

from $2.84

  • Track your earnings: Detailed stats are offered that show real time mining performance as well as your expected and actual return.
    • Go to the Share Distribution page and look for your wallet address under the "Pending Payouts" section.
  • Refunds: Not what you were expecting? You're entitled to a refund up until BTC payouts are sent on Mondays. 
  • Downtime guarantee: Downtime is covered by boosting the value of your shares so you receive the expected value of BTC as if the downtime hadn't occurred (or a full refund if something really bad happens).
  • Spread any hashrate purchased over a desired number of weeks
  • 75% luck protection: This ensures that at the very least, you will make 75% of the expected reward. I offer this because some weeks are much better than others in terms of luck-only over a longer period of time do things average out to 100%.
  • Feeling lucky?  Instead of buying bitcoin outright, mining gives you the ability to make more on lucky weeks and contribute to the bitcoin network.
  • For a limited time: I'm including a 5% off coupon for future orders valid for one month on my shared mining contracts.
  • How it works: Straightforward: the total mining reward (including pending payouts) in a week is multiplied by the % of total mining speed purchased. 
  • Why? I'm giving this a shot over of pool switching because I believe it can increase returns by 3-5% compared to timed pool switching.

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Speed (GH)

A quick note about paying with Bitcoin: After the payment is received, please make sure you click "return to Plattsburgh BTC." This will allow you to enter in your wallet address and optional information about desired hashrate spread.

Rounds end on Sundays, and payments are calculated and sent out on Mondays along with a report. This payment method was chosen to optimize performance of the mining rig as well your returns. Payouts can take up to a week or as little as a day to receive depending on when in the week you order. You will be supplied with a URL to verify the transaction and an earnings summary. Give it a try!

Quick notes:

  • You are 100% covered if my rig goes offline (BTC will be paid out as if it hadn't gone offline with me covering the cost)
  • 75% luck guarantee: covered on bad weeks. Payout can never be less than 75% of what would be expected. Kano doesn't typically dip below this anyway
  • View your up to date earnings and historical earnings here
  • Refunds can be given up to the point of payout.
  • Payouts are sent weekly on Mondays. 

What is "Shared?"

  • This is buying a percentage of the weekly mining reward from a 40 TH mining rig. 
  • Shares going into the next week can be bought ahead of time if the weeks speed allocation is full, but the shares will be placed into the following weeks distribution.
  • You have the option to spread the purchased GH evenly over any number of weeks. Ex: 10,000 GH over 4 weeks, with 2,500 GH each week.
  • Instead of pointing the miners to a pool, the miners stay on a pool where they work optimally. 
  • Kano is an amazing pool that fairs well against larger pools because it is highly efficient. Their overall luck is over 100%.

How does this work?

  • You will be prompted to provide a valid bitcoin wallet address you would like payment to be sent to. Double check that this is correct!
  • Payouts are calculated in weekly batches. This is to normalize (sometimes) sporadic payouts from Eligius.
  • You will be sent a detailed earnings summary that shows how your payout is calculated as well as the entire mining performance. (It's displayed as your wallet address.)
  • You can view realtime stats and payout allocations as they come by going to the Share Distribution page
  • Luck changes over time. Just keep in mind some weeks will be better than others!
  • Payouts are sent out with the weekly report on Monday.

How do I know you're being honest?

  • publicly displays their blocks, and earnings are based on how well the pool performs in the period.
  • The detailed report goes over how payouts are calculated and where all of the mining reward goes. 
  • Give me a try! I want you to be happy with your purchase. I switched to doing it this way to increase my customers' returns. 
  • In addition, refunds are possible up to the point of payout, but not after.

Information about my rig:

  • 5 Antminer S5's, 14.5 Antminer S5's, and 8 Antminer S3's located in the northeast.
  • Stable hashrate and uptime
  • Downtime compensated for by doing a share dilution (increasing the value of your shares at my own cost to make up the difference). In effect you are NOT liable for my the uptime of the rig and are 100% covered if it goes offline.

Because of the nature of bitcoin, sales are final once payout is sent. Please contact me with questions.